ERCPCP’s organizational focus is community wellness with an emphasis on public safety. Our mission, vision, theory of change, goals and core values are below.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist individuals and communities east of the Anacostia River who are in need of positive transformation through community-based, school-based & re-entry focused programming.

As led by God, the East of the River community will experience healing, restoration and transformation from brokenness to healthy, self-sustaining, and holistic neighborhoods through the collaborative work of the clergy, law enforcement, individuals and community. In order to facilitate the restoration and transformation we seek within our community, we are committed to building powerful alliances that strengthen human capital and ultimately lead to whole communities. We believe that our bridge building efforts cultivate visionary change agents who have the support systems needed to transform the reality surrounding them. East of the River Clergy Police Community Partnership employs the following strategies towards this vision:

· A holistic approach
· Cross-sector coalition building
· Multi-generational leadership development
· Grassroots capacity-building

Our Goals

Our Goals At ERCPCP:

  •  Decrease community involvement with crime, violence and drugs in Wards 7 & 8.
  •  Increase educational and vocational achievement among youth.
  •  Develop youth with strong family, moral and spiritual values.
  •  Create healthy and safe neighborhoods.
  •  Mobilize the faith-based community, law enforcement, government, businesses and nonprofits to    provide leadership, mentors and other resources.
  •  Become a world class, pace setting nonprofit organization while remaining God focused, family oriented, non-bureaucratic and mission centered.

Core Values

Humility    • Integrity    • Virtue    • Peace    • Compassion    • Social Justice    • Service    • Competence