Achievement Centers

ERCPCP is currently the program manager for all services received for Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) families at the two Achievement Center sites.  There, DYRS families receive needed counseling, training, certifications, recreation and support needed to be successful residents of the city.

Homeless Prevention

After learning of the tragic story of Relisha Rudd being abducted from D.C. General Shelter, ERCPCP decided that we would do all we could do to help homeless families.  We currently provide housing for families who once we homeless, living in the shelter.  Our goal is to provide the necessary resources, wrap-around services and support to help these families to become self-sufficient productive citizens.

Family Support

Due to the violent summer of 2015 in Washington, D.C., ERCPCP was given the responsibility to provide family support in one of the neighborhoods who was extremely affected by the violence and lawlessness of some in the community.  There, we are working in three area: spiritual wellness, health wellness, social awareness.

Programs and Services

Since its genesis in August 1999, the East of the River Clergy, Police, Community Partnership (ERCPCP) has made dramatic strides in reducing violent crime among youths in the Southeast area of Washington, D.C. The Southeast section has the city’s highest rates of homicide, highest rates of teen pregnancy, and lowest rates of educational achievement. The collaboration among churches, law enforcement, social service agencies and area residents holds considerable promise to begin renewal and rebirth in neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River.


ERCPCP’s mission is to reverse the incidence of violent crimes, reduce the rate of recidivism, and foster educational achievement. It works with youth already in the criminal justice system or at greatest risk of dropping out of school. An intervention based model, ERCPCP seeks to change the direction of youth who perpetrate violent crimes and serve as new recruits for violence and failure because of educational dysfunction and disinterest.

ERCPCP provides some direct services. However, a significant amount of our work is focused on working with community partners, coordinating service delivery and providing intake and referrals of at risk youth.


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ERCPCP sponsors activities to increase interaction, understanding and unity between youth and other sectors of the community.
ERCPCP aims to assist other grassroots organizations to deliver valuable services and reach their full potential. We do so by helping to connect the dots between various organizations and programming as well as providing low cost fiscal agent services.
The Clergy Response Team (CRT) is a team of faith-based individuals that respond to the scenes of violent crimes. It provides crisis intervention and community support to individuals that have been affected by violent crimes such as shootings, stabbings, gang violence activities, and homicides that take place East of the Anacostia River in the District of Columbia. The CRT also provides a variety of outreach services in identified “hot spots” of crime.
ERCPCP served as the Region 1 (Wards 7 & 8 and PG County, MD) site for the Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program (RAMP). RAMP was a high-tech, career-focused mentoring program for youth involved with or at risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system. This evidence-based nationwide model was implemented across the country by state and local organizations with expertise in mentoring, youth development, juvenile justice, and disability.
ERCPCP serves as the DYRS DC YouthLink Site and Lead Coordinating Entity for Region I (Wards 7 & 8 and PG County, MD). As Lead Entity we are responsible for establishing and managing a continuum of care for DYRS committed youth and their families in our designated region. These services are provided by way of a Service Coalition, a network of community-based organizations/providers, organized by the Lead Entity to provide necessary services to youth and families referred by DYRS.
ERCPCP’s housing efforts include the provision of transitional housing to its participants and affordable housing to citizens east of the river.  Our housing program consists of a monitored, well-structured and a strictly supervised facility which has 24 hour on-site monitoring, curfews, random room inspections, weekly/daily groups, employment/substance abuse referrals, and drug and alcohol testing. Once individuals have successfully completed the initial phase of the transitional housing program at this facility, ERCPCP assists residents in securing long-term housing.
ERCPCP sponsors several special events to reach out to at-risk young people in the community.  Among them are the 40 Days of Increased Peace, the Girl Talk Conference and the Man 2 Man Conference.
ERCPCP has many volunteer opportunities for individuals wanting to serve their community.  Our volunteer activities range from assisting with planning and organizing an event, to mentoring a young person.  Become a volunteer today! Click here for our volunteer application.
Check out these highlights from our 2012 Girl Talk Conference – Beautifully and Wonderfully Made: Mind, Body & Soul! Join us next year as we mix generations to educate and empower the young ladies of our community!

About the Girl Talk Conference
In an attempt to address the issues facing young ladies in east of the river communities, ERCPCP partnered with several community organizations to present “Girl Talk” A Conference for Young Ladies.

The first annual “Girl Talk” conference was hosted on Saturday, March 27, 2004 in honor of Women’s History Month. The all-day Saturday event was aimed at empowering young women by providing pathways to build positive self-esteem and enhance independent thinking through dynamic, energetic and fun workshops, group sessions and just plain ole “Girl Talk…” Further, each young woman was given the opportunity to sign up for a Mentor-for-a-day who would engage that young woman in a one day mentoring experience with the possibility of maintaining a continued relationship.

Born of that conference was Man 2 Man, A Conference for Young Men, the male counterpart to the “Girl Talk” conference.

The “Girl Talk” Conference is rooted in love and sisterhood. A love for our younger sisters and a desire to share with them the legacy of sisterhood that comes from establishing and maintaining lasting relationships with women young and old. The initial vision of “Girl Talk” derived from seeing the decline of the young ladies of our community first hand and the desire to begin an educational process that could help them positively transform their beings.

Girl Talk 2012
This “Girl Talk” Season was kicked off with two very special events! ERCPCP hosted “Girl Talk” with Toya Carter: An Intimate Conversation on Thursday, May 26, 2011. These two special sessions were held at Anacostia Senior High School and the Anacostia Community Museum respectively and gave hundreds of young ladies from the east of the river community an opportunity to dialogue with a figure that they could both admire and relate to.

Ms. Carter, Star of BET’s Toya Carter “A Family Affair” and author of “Priceless Inspirations”, very openly shared her story of trial and triumph with our young ladies who were eager to both dialogue with Ms. Carter and share their own personal experiences. This official “kick-off” to the “Girl Talk” Conference season previewed some of the wonderful topics that we plan to explore with our young ladies at the upcoming “Girl Talk” Conference!

The 2012 “Girl Talk” Conference: Beautifully and Wonderfully Made: Mind, Body and Soul took place on March 24, 2012 at Anacostia Senior High School. It was an amazing day and we’re very excited to see all that the next Girl Talk Conference will have in store!
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How can you get involved?
Well… we’re glad you asked! There are several opportunities for community members, groups and organizations like you to become involved. To make the conference a success, ERCPCP is in need of the following:

• Planning Committee Members
• Volunteers
• Mentors
• Information Table Exhibitors
• Workshop Facilitators
• Product Donors
• Financial Sponsors
• In-kind professional services: photographer, videographer, DJ, graphic designer, other (please use the volunteer form to specify)